Hi, I'm an Engineer building Apps & Infrastructure for eCommerce.
I can help Enterprises build scalable and secure architectures in the cloud, modernize their tech stack & automate all the boring things.
Using Terraform to build AWS Cloud Infrastructure that is secure, scalable and cost effective. I can help build serverless applications with lambda, api gateway, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS that are secure and scale to millions of users.
Web & App Development
Using technologies like React(with TypeScript), React Native to build user interfaces that are accessible, maintainable and scalable. I can help with adding any frontend framework(like NextJS) to your existing tech stack incrementally.
API Development
Using technologies like Express(NodeJS framework) I can help you build Scalable and Secure API's(both REST and GraphQL) to ensure your apps and features enjoy 99.99% uptime and bring maximum profit.
UX Design
Successful digital products have intuitive interfaces for customer usability and should provide a visual treat. I can help you design the best looking app.